Search engines one should know as a CyberSecurity enthausist!

This is not your normal Google

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Before jumping to the topic,lemme tell you some interesting thing about this blog. It’s was hot sunny day and I was enjoying my holiday vaccation at Varkala Beach in Kerela Midway , In hot summer afternoon I am curating all those list from my resort bed.

Here are the list of must try search engines as a cyber security researcher!


Dehashed provides free deep-web scans and protection against credential leaks.It OFFER TRUE WILDCARD,REGEX SEARCHES, AND A BASIC SEARCH WHICH INCLUDES SEARCH OPERATORS.

Security Trails

The World’s Largest Repository of historical DNS data Data for security companies, researchers and teams who need to drill down, find suspicious changes to DNS records, and prevent future fraudulent or criminal activity.


Exploit DB

This list is still WIP , will update soon!