Automate Twitter via github Actions.

because why not!

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We are used to the way we work, but we are also used to the way we work.Hahahah, Sounds confusing, right? I know, but it is not.Lemme explain.

We are used to tweet via either twitter webApps or Native apps.But hold on, in the era of Devops where every things reliable on CI/CD, then why not automate our twitter too.

We gonna call this Twitter-Together

basically twitter-together is a Github Action that utilizes text files to publish tweets from a GitHub repository. Rather than tweeting directly, GitHub’s pull request review process encourages more collaboration, Twitter activity and editorial contributions by enabling everyone to submit tweet drafts to a project.


  1. Create a twitter app with your shared twitter account and store the credentials as TWITTER_API_KEY, TWITTER_API_SECRET_KEY, TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN and TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET in your repository’s secrets settings.

  2. Create a github workflow .yml file with the following contents:

on: [push, pull_request]
name: Twitter, together!
    name: Preview
    runs~|-|on: ubuntu~|-|latest
    if: github.event_name ~|=|~|=| 'pull_request'
      ~|-| uses: gr2m/twitter~|-|together@v1.x
          GITHUB_TOKEN: $
    name: Tweet
    runs~|-|on: ubuntu~|-|latest
    if: github.event_name ~|=|~|=| 'push' && github.ref ~|=|~|=| 'refs/heads/main'
      ~|-| name: checkout main
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      ~|-| name: Tweet
        uses: gr2m/twitter~|-|together@v1.x
          GITHUB_TOKEN: $
          TWITTER_API_KEY: $

  1. After creating or updating .github/workflows/twitter-together.yml in your repository’s default branch, a pull request will be created with further instructions.

Now see the magic!

No wait, what about logic ?


Here comes it:-

How It Works

Twitter-together is using two workflows

  1. push event to publish new tweets
  2. pull_request event to validate and preview new tweets

The Push Events

When triggered by the push event, the script looks for added *.tweet files in the tweets/ folder or subfolders. If there are any, a tweet for each added tweet file is published.

If there is no tweets/ subfolder, the script opens a pull request creating the folder with further instructions.

The Pull Request Events

For the pull_request event, the script handles only opened and synchronize actions. It looks for new *.tweet files in the tweets/ folder or subfolders. If there are any, the length of each tweet is validated. If one is too long, a failed check run with an explanation is created. If all tweets are valid, a check run with a preview of all tweets is created.

What else?


Nothing else.