Install Kali-Purple tools on top of Normal Kali


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When Kali org announced Kali-purple on the occassion of 10th anniversary,it was move from offensive security to defensive security. It announced with couple of interesting features viz:-

  1. SOC out of the box
  2. Security control design and testing
  3. Protection of small & Medium size environment

Refer official docs for more Kali Purple Official

Main interesting feature of Kali-purple is Tools are structured upon NIST Framework viz

Suppose you already have Kali machine like me and wanna try kali purple specific tools or all SOC OOTB tools here comes commands :-

step 1: Update repository

 sudo apt update 

step 2: Upgrade system

 sudo apt full-upgrade -y 

step 3: To remove unnecessary lib installed during upgradation

 sudo apt autoremove

suppose you want to install specific tool, then run single command viz

step 4: specific tool

 sudo apt install kali-tools-identify -y

Or else if you want to install all 5 framework tools together then run following command

step 5: All 5 together

 sudo apt install kali-tools-identify kali-tools-protect kali-tools-detect kali-tools-respopnd kali-tools-recover -y

After all these tools installation your kali menu will be same like previous


If you want to add those framework tools into kali menu then reinstall kali menu running this command

 sudo apt install --reinstall kali-menu 

Then restart your system using command or GUI method

 sudo systemctl restart

Afterwards those framework tools will be added

kali-purple tools

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